Dear Sir or Madam,

As a mid-sized company we regard ourselves as having a responsibility and duty to ensure that our services conform to generally accepted ethical principles and the existing laws. These are:

  • Free choice of workplace
  • Ban on child labour
  • Laws on working hours
  • Appropriate wages and social contributions
  • Ban on discrimination (General Act on Equal Treatment)
  • Right to freedom of association
  • Safety at the workplace
  • Compliance with environmental and ethical directives
  • General compliance with the law, particularly anti-corruption directive

Minimum wage declaration

Contractual partners who have placed an order with us write to us time and again regarding liability in accordance with the Minimum Wage Law (MiLoG) and regarding its standardised conduct obligations whose breach is punishable by fines. These letters regularly request that we confirm that our company pays wages in accordance with the Minimum Wage Law. Our company does of course abide by the law and we pay our employees’ wages punctually in accordance with the statutory provisions and, moreover, in accordance with the contractual agreements.

We want to give our contractual partners a guarantee of our adherence to the relevant guidelines by issuing the following assurance.

We assure you of the following:
At our company, all employees receive wages that conform to the stipulations of the statutory minimum wage. These wages are of course paid out punctually to our employees. We are not excluded from the award of public contracts under Section 19 of the Minimum Wage Law.