• VBZNI250 now with more construction forms

    Locking compact cylinder with positive locking

    Adaptable. Dynamic. Reliable.

  • BLZMS251

    Großer Erfolg Aluminiumblockzylinder BLZMS251 wird um den Kolben-Ø 80mm erweitert

    Anpassungsfähig. Dynamisch. Verlässlich.

  • VBZNI250
    VBZNI250 jetzt als VBVNI250 für Anwendungen mit Vorspannung

    Verriegelungszylinder mit formschlüssiger Verriegelung

    Anpassungsfähig. Dynamisch. Verlässlich.

  • E200

    Großer Erfolg Einschraubzylinder E200 wird um den Kolben-Ø 40mm erweitert

    Anpassungsfähig. Dynamisch. Verlässlich.

Custom-built Cylinders

HEB Hydraulik-Elementebau GmbH

The specialist for hydraulic cylinder

Standard hydraulic cylinders

We deliver top-quality round cylinders and block cylinders in a large variety of models, standard cylinders, stroke-measuring cylinders, locking cylinders, multi-position cylinders and many other types of cylinder.

Constructing the cylinders with the exact stroke you want saves you space, weight and energy. Friction and attrition, and thus also preventive servicing (e.g. replacing seals), are reduced due to honed and rolled sealing surfaces.

As our customer, you’ll be happy with the durability and sturdiness of our cylinders: here’s an example.

We deliver worldwide and are found in the operating equipment regulations of many notable German and international companies.

Special hydraulic cylinders

Our customised designs range from modifications of standard cylinders to completely new designs to match your requirements. You thereby benefit from our design department’s great wealth of experience.

IInternationally, we are represented by our agencies abroad.


You can rely on original HEB hydraulic cylinders
       Able to deal with any degree of pressure!